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HK @VTCRC - 1800 Kraft Dr., Suite 111, Blacksburg, VA (540) 750-GEM1
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HK HIGH KICKS website launch

Welcome to the HK! HIGH KICKS, LLC website & store launch!

Here's a run down on how to navigate the website:
HOME - Navigation, images slideshow, featured item & collection, Instagram post stream.
ABOUT - Information about Erin Doty, HK & Logo.
YOGA - Yoga information, rates, & current yoga schedule.
WELLNESS - Holistic wellness event schedule.
GEMSTONE ARRAYS - Crystal gemstone arrays & session rates.
STORE - Shop bracelets, earrings, gemstones, necklaces, pendants, sets, yoga, gemstone care, gift certificates, and special orders.
BLOG - Inspiration, holistic wellness & gemstone articles, HK updates, special events, announcements, schedule updates, changes, cancelations, & more...
MORE - FAQ, Gemstone Care, HK Gives Back, Shipping & Policies, Discount Codes, Payment Options, Disclaimer, Contact HK.

Every page -
SEARCH (top right) Search a word(s) and all mentions of it will pop up for you to peruse.
LINKS (bottom left) Contact HK, Shipping & Policies, Payment Options, Disclaimer, Privacy, Terms of Use, Search, Home.
CONNECT & FOLLOW HK (bottom middle) Click the social media icons. Instagram: @hkhighkicks &   Pinterest coming soon!
HK NEWS (bottom right) Sign up for HK newsletter featuring inspiration, updated schedules, special events, & more. 

Shop HK directly on website & on Facebook! Pinterest coming soon!

Check out HK website weekly for inspiration, holistic wellness & gemstone tips, new products, updates, & giveaways!

Please send me feedback on your HK experience! Note broken links, technical errors, or questions on the CONTACT page.

Thank you for your presence on HK today! Enjoy a super great day! HK! Smiles! E

Stay connected to HK on social media: 

Follow HK on Instagram:  @hkhighkicks

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