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HK @VTCRC - 1800 Kraft Dr., Suite 111, Blacksburg, VA (540) 750-GEM1
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HK Gemstone Yoga

gemstone yoga


1st Wednesday | Each Month | 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Explore the healing qualities of gemstones in unison with yoga, breath techniques, and meditation. Leave with tips on how to use gemstones therapeutically at home and in your yoga/meditation practice. HK Gemstone Yoga class $10 | Take home gemstone $3-5 (gemstones vary)

HK Gemstone YogaSeptember 6  ::CHEVRON AMETHYST:: Enhances inner knowing, intuition & supports physical eyesight. Laser like energy to repel negativity. Balancing vibrations to support all bodily organs & to boost immunity. Cleanses the aura. Helpful in finding the answer to any inquiry.



HK Gemstone Yoga

October 4 ::BLACK TOURMALINE:: Grounding gemstone resonance from Brazil. Clears negativity, increases positivity, vitality, & creativity. Powerful immune booster & pain reliever. Supports the joints & spine. Excellent EMF protection computer for computer users & travelers. Assists with jet lag.

November 1 ::FLUORITE:: Protective & healing gemstone resonance that brings order to chaos. Stabilizing crystal energy to assist with learning & clarity. Helpful for EMF protection & great for travelers. Green fluorite is excellent for digestion. Relieves pain & promotes healthy skin.

December 6 ::RED TIGER'S EYE:: Grounding gemstone support to harness the sun & earth energies. Assists in recognizing one’s inner gifts & promotes clarity. Reveals hindrances towards highest potential & aligns with integrity. Balances hemispheres of the brain. Stimulating & motivating gemstone resonance that elevates mood & self-esteem.

HK @VTCRC - 1800 Kraft Dr., Suite 111, Blacksburg, VA. 

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