How Yoga Helps Heal the Wounds of War

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Yoga Warriors International is designed specifically to assist soldiers in coping with Post Traumatic Stress, as well as, the daily and specific stresses that military members are exposed to in combat. The classes are also open to those from other high stress environments, including first responder and anyone affected by trauma.  In addition, classes support caregivers and family members of those affected. 


MSgt (Ret.) M. Kredell and EOD Team Leader
"Yoga, for me, challenges me internally at a level that was mentally similar to defusing IEDs in the war. A physical enemy is easy to kill and train for, but IEDs provide a whole new variety of fighting the enemy. It was like mental chess, move/counter - move with the enemy to find them and defuse the IEDs. Some days we averaged over 20 IEDs defused a day and worked 24/7 to try and get them all. This operational level can/does take a toll over the years and is compounded by the deaths of team members and other ground troops. I have found yoga to really help build mental toughness and challenge me to be able to train longer and more intensely. But at the same time it allowed me focus and release a lot of metal and physical stress.
When I got home from 14 years of war, my body was broken. Trying to maintain the level of fitness needed for mission readiness was rough and caused mental stress. Yoga helped me gain physical and mental balance in my life. It helped with torn muscles and nerve damage physically, while mentally it helped me clear my mind and focus at a level similar to that of defusing IEDs.
I am a work in progress, on the mend, but getting better everyday. Yoga has helped me make these gains across the full spectrum of my life." 

P. Malboeuf (Vietnam)
"This is a wonderful program! My sleep and anger management has improved. I have peace of mind and body!"

D. Ebron, Veterans wife
"In the beginning it was hard, now I enjoy every class. My husband and I have benefited each class because we are calmer now and it’s helped our marriage. We have learned how to breathe again."

C King, Retired USAF
"I’ve been able to cope more. This is something to look forward to. Great classmates."

K Matinsen, NC National Guard, Yellow Ribbon Program
"The Yoga Warrior classes helped me to relax and taught me some techniques to use in everyday life not to be so tense."

CPT B. Wynn, Commander, B Company 1-252 CAB
"Yoga Warriors has been amazing! It's become a key part of my overall physical training plan, and has given me stress relieving tools that I use every day. I would strongly encourage returning vets to incorporate this as part of their reintegration."

Edmund DeStefano
"Once I retired from the fire department I was looking for an exercise program to stay in shape, maintain flexibility, strength stamina and to reduce stress. I was informed that the Warrior Yoga program at CMYW has what I am looking for, after considerable consideration I decided to join the Warrior Yoga in August 2015.
In the last four months since practicing Warrior Yoga I have noticed considerable improvements by reaping the benefits of my body complete health,and personal well being physically and mentally.
I wish other emergency services personnel could reap the benefits of Warrior Yoga, as they are placed into the most stressful situations."

L. Ebron, Retired Marine
" This class gives you a chance to wind down each week, relax and stretch you mind and your body."

Spc. Jadean, Army National Guard
"It was great, it’s my first yoga class and I loved it. I notice my bad attitude tend to calm down a little."

P. Harris, US ARMY
"I noticed my mind and body change. I loved the stretching. Sleeping better on Tuesday nights and on yoga day I eat better and I feel calmer. This was worth every stretch and muscle pull. I think I even look better."

Jim Mitchell, Sgt. US Army, Combat Vet
"I originally joined the YWI program to improve my physical strenght and flexibility. My twice weekly practice has become the core mechanism for my stability and well being. I recommend the Yoga Warriors program to all combat vets and first responders."

G. Aziz (WW2)
"I am motivated to continue coming. I am impressed with our instructor."

M. Patterson, SFC NC Army National Guard Retired 30 years
"This class has been outstanding after coming back from Iraq this has been the best I have felt."

C Rhodes, Army spouse
"What a blessing this yoga class and all those associated (Diane, the teachers and the participants) have been in my life. We are all getting stronger together, it's amazing. Thank you for your courage and strength. Have a blessed day."

P. Garry (Vietnam)
"I have less stress, more flexibility and feel better being with my peers. My anger and temper is so much more in control."

Captain Alicia Carey
"I wanted to say thank you for sending the yoga straps to my deployed base in southwest Asia. I attend every Yoga Warriors class I can here, and it makes all the difference."


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