Lymphatic Yoga with Thea Vincenti

lymph lymphatic yoga Monday

❄️ March 12 Lymphatic Yoga class is canceled due to snow. 
➡️ Lymphatic Yoga series on Mondays with Thea coming in June!

Dec. 4  | Jan. 22 | Feb. 5 | March 12 from 5:30-6:45 p.m.

Lymphatic Yoga with Thea Vincenti Lymphatic yoga helps to increase circulation, boost immunity, reduce fluid retention and, detoxify the lymphatic system.  Thea Vincenti will lead you on a journey through the lymph system utilizing yoga postures, Qigong movements, massage, and breathing techniques. Her sequence helps to lead the lymph, at a quicker pace, through the body safely. Along the journey, you will explore breath awareness and understand why the ebb and flow of the breath replenishes and cleanses the body.  The ultimate goal of class is to increase prana {energy} and presence in the moment. Leave with manual lymphatic techniques to use at home for self-care. $10 

*This practice promotes cleansing and detoxification to your body. Please contact Thea before class if you have any health concerns. 540-250-3668. 

Location: HK @VTCRC - 1800 Kraft Dr., Suite 111, Blacksburg, VA 24060.


Thea VincentiThea Vincenti is a holistic wellness consultant and lives in Blacksburg, Virginia. Her journey began 12 years ago in massage therapy school where she was first introduced to a holistic approach to living and being a whole.  She studied at the Blue Ridge School of Massage and Yoga for both massage therapy as well as level one Ashtanga Krama Yoga. She continued her yoga journey at The Breathing Space to inquire more deeply into the emotional mental level on how to cultivate true inner joy. She took level 1 and level 2 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and Self Awareness programs with Anna Pittman. Thea is a 700 hour certified advanced teacher of yoga.  She also plans and hosts personalized yoga and massage retreats in the Blacksburg & Floyd, Virginia area!

Thea choose Manual Lymphatic Drainage as her specialty due to its effective and gentle way into healing and detoxifying the body. She has continued explorations in natural health remedies through the Lotus Health Institution for the past seven years where she studies qigong, homeopathy, detoxification, as well as natural remedies and she understands the body’s need to live in balance and moderation.

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