Wellness & Yoga Sessions

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Therapeutic wellness Sessions personalized for your healing journey! 

HK Wellness & Yoga Package1 Wellness Session: Learn grounding, breathing, yoga poses, and awareness techniques to center and calm the body, reduce stress and pain, and find greater ease. 

3 & 5 Wellness Sessions:  1st Session: Assessment, Intentions, Planning. Take home three techniques to help center and calm you. Plan intentions for following sessions. 

Available by appointment.

Therapeutic Intentions: 

  • Nutrition & Hydration
  • Gemstones to support specific needs
  • At home yoga program
  • Weight management
  • Grounding
  • Cleansing body, mind, & environment
  • Being seen & navigating imprints
  • Pain relief & chronic illness
  • Holistic support for Lyme disease & mold toxicity 
  • Release physical & emotional imprints  
  • Notice fears & release them
  • Understanding chakras for better health

Both 3 & 5 Wellness Session Packages includes gemstones. Each wellness session is 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

    • 1 session - $20 (gemstone not included)
    • 3 sessions - $55 (includes 1 gemstone)
    • 5 sessions - $90 (includes 3 gemstones)

Refer a friend, receive $5 off next session or package!

Yoga, wellness, & gemstones helped Erin Doty peel back the layers of chronic Lyme disease and continue to support her living life with ease amidst chronic pain.

Cultivate strong, grounded roots and breathe deeply into a stronger and healthier presence. Unfold mental and physical constrictions within using yoga postures with several variations and calming breathing techniques to relax the body and soothe pain. Learn holistic techniques to balance the body and mind.  Strengthen your healing field and immunity with gemstones. 

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