30 Minute LIVE Virtual Yoga

TUESDAY & THURSDAY from 4:30-5:00 pm (Mountain Time)

Tuesday 30 Minute Restorative Yoga

Fifteen minutes of restorative yoga (held yoga postures using props) to release stress, plus breath exploration to prepare for 15 minutes of guided yoga nidra. Perfect for beginners and all levels for a calm and renewed presence. 

Props Needed:  Yoga mat, blanket or towel, two yoga blocks or firm pillows, yoga bolster or couch cushion.

Thursday 30 Minute Hatha Yoga

Unwind, renew and increase flexibility of the body and mind.  This 30 minute Hatha yoga class features held yoga poses, breath techniques, and body awareness cues.  Fortify your strength and optimize wellness during this class.   Expect to feel unified and calm. 

Props Needed:  Yoga mat, blanket or towel, two blocks or firm pillows.


HK 30 Minute Yoga