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Chakra Meditation

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Chakra Meditation with Sound Therapy to enliven the seven major energy centers of the body, the seven chakras.

Erin Doty leads you on a guided meditation journeying through your inner rainbow, while BreAnna Martin plays Tibetan and crystal singing bowls and drums to support tuning in and resting deeply.

Enjoy the Chakra Meditation seated or laying down with props as needed for comfort to allow a neutral and supported spine.  Listen to meditation with headphones or through speakers. 25 minutes.

This product is an audio download.  

 Comments about the meditation and your experience are welcome and appreciated. 


Album Title: Chakra Meditation
Artists: Erin Doty, HK High Kicks | BreAnna Martin, The Singing Hare
Genre: Meditation
Track Title: Chakra Meditation |
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