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Gemstone Services

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Erin Doty is a certified TAOMCHI Master of Crystology

Gemstone Services available Virtually from the comfort of your own home via Zoom or FaceTime.

Gemstone Session 

Educational gemstone session and personal gemstone reading. Learn more about and how to use your personal gemstones or gemstones in the HK curated collection for therapeutic use. 
  • $75 for 1 hour 15 minutes 

Gemstone Arrays 

A specific geometric configuration of gemstones used to facilitate enhanced energy transfer between gemstones and a participant. HK gemstone arrays include laying-on-of-stones and laying-on-of-hands. Consequently, the array results in a focused ability for therapeutic gemstone energies to support participant's highest potential.

Chakra Balancing Array

Balance and cleanse the seven major energy vortices or chakras. Assists in transformation of energy blockages, diminished energy flow, energization, implant/entity removal, and guided meditation. 

    • $75 for (1) 1 hour 15 minutes session
    • $195 for (3) 1 hour 15 minutes Chakra Sessions 
    • $300 for (5) 1 hour 15 minutes Chakra Sessions 

Tibetan Pulsing Array 

Rhythmic pulsing over gemstones in harmony with participant's pulse. When participant resonates with pulsing, an increase in energy transmutes and dissolves energy blockages identified with trauma, emotional repression, and denied feelings into acceptance and release. 
    • $75 for 1 hour 15 minutes session 

Imprint Clearing Array 

Assists to clear, release, and eliminate self-limiting and mass-conscious imprints, ideas, beliefs, convictions, and fixations hindering progression toward self-actualization, manifestation, and self-realization. More than one session may be needed for desired and continued results. 

    • $75 for 1 hour 15 minutes session 

 Consciousness Array

Assists in deciphering that which one truly desires to manifest.  Alleviates obstacles to attain clarity and comprehension of individual's desires, aspirations, and dreams. Resolves conflicting desires, ambitions, and dreams.

    • $75 for 1 hour 15 minutes session 

    Erin Doty is a certified TAOMCHI Master of Crystology

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    "Erin is such a gift! She came to our house to do a clearing, as I had experienced an entity in our home. I was uneasy every time I went downstairs. Erin guided my husband and me through a beautiful process of connection while clearing. I was amazed at how she did it. Right away I could feel the difference in the house - room by room as we went. The house is ours now and feels like we're the only ones in it (besides the cats). I'd recommend Erin in a heartbeat for not only clearings, but for energy healing as well. She has helped me tremendously." A.N.


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