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Virtual Gemstone Meditation

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HK Virtual Gemstone Yoga & Meditation

Friday 12-1 pm MDT

Explore gemstone resonance in unison with yoga, breath techniques, and gemstone meditation. Gentle and restorative yoga offer a deep reset and greater relaxation. HK Gemstone Meditation encourages body awareness, self-acceptance, and transcendence with crystal, gemstone, and mineral energies. Class concludes with a guided meditation allowing the cells and energy of the body to reintegrate and renew for optimal well-being and deeper attunement. Class is led by certified Yoga Teacher (RYT500) and TAOMCHI Crystal Practitioner Erin Doty.  


Gemstones featured: black tourmaline, selenite, kyanite, fluorite, red jasper, quartz, ocean jasper, rhodonite, rose quartz, moss agate, sodalite, charoite, and amazonite.

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