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Gratitude for visiting HK!

Erin Doty, Owner of HK welcomes you to expand your healing journey and inner knowing with the ancient wisdom and therapeutic support of yoga, wellness, and gemstones! 


The heart and sparkle of HK began at Colorado State University, circa 2002. Erin’s joyful spirit could not be contained! She high kicked in college as an expression of exuberance; she high kicked for friends, for fun; to cheer and motivate herself; and to stay physically strong and toned. Erin also shared her enthusiasm in text as “HK!”

Over the years, Erin peppered her path with physical and written HKs. Then, the essence of HK began to take another meaning, another form. For three years, chronic Lyme and myotoxcity restricted Erin’s mobility, and she was unable to physically high kick. After a major surgery, time, patience, and support from divine guidance, yoga, wellness and gemstones, she re-learned to hk…to Hk…to HK…and to once again HK! 

What does HK mean?

“Where heaven and earth commune at the heart.” A High Kick roots from the earth, ascends to the heavens, and communes at the heart.

Why Choose HK Gemstones & Services?

  • All HK gemstones and HK HIGH KICKS, LLC products are cleansed, dedicated, and infused with loving intentions and prayers.
  • HK products are handmade with the highest potential intended and manifested for all.
  • HK does not diagnose or claim to heal. Healing is ultimately the individual’s responsibility.
  • Consult a qualified holistic or medical professional regarding illness or before starting new wellness modalities.
  • Products sold are holistic tools of support and are based on ancient healing wisdom, well-researched information, and accredited experience.
  • Gemstone product descriptions are written by HK Owner, Erin Doty, TAOMCHI, Master of Crystology. © All rights reserved. 
  • Gemstone product descriptions are sourced from Erin's intuition, years of meditation and gemstone experience, and are confirmed with volumes of The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall; Love Is In The Earth by Melody. 

HK Logo

HK HIGH KICKS, LLC launched online January 5, 2016! 

From 2016-2018, HK High Kicks brick and mortar, "gem of a yoga studio" at Suite 111, in the Virginia Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia.  

Summer of 2018, HK HIGH KICKS, LLC relocated to the majestic Rocky Mountains.  The Owner Erin Doty and HK participate in local festivals, offers yoga, wellness and gemstone specialty classes, workshops and retreats in Colorado and nationwide.  



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