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Erin Doty is a certified TAOMCHI Master of Crystalogy.

Erin offers gemstone assessments | gemstone workshops | laying-on-of-hands & laying-on-of stones gemstone arrays | gemstones & gemstone jewelry for therapeutic support.


  • Gemstone Private Session - Learn more about your personal gemstones or gemstones for a specific therapeutic use.
    • $75 for 1 hour 15 minutes


      Gemstone Array is a specific geometric configuration of gemstones used to facilitate enhanced energy transfer between gemstones and a participant. HK gemstone arrays include laying-on-of-stones and laying-on-of-hands. Consequently, the array results in a focused ability for therapeutic gemstone energies to support participant's highest potential.

      • Chakra Balancing Array - Balance and cleanse the seven major energy vortices or chakras. Assists in transformation of energy blockages, diminished energy flow, energization, implant/entity removal, and guided meditation. 
        • $75 for 1 hour 15 minutes session 
        • November special!  $20 off | Only $55
      • Tibetan Pulsing Array - Rhythmic pulsing over gemstones in harmony with participant's pulse. When participant resonates with pulsing, an increase in energy transmutes and dissolves energy blockages identified with trauma, emotional repression, and denied feelings into acceptance and release. 
        • $80 for 1 hour 15 minutes session 
      • Elimination Array - Assists to release and eliminate self-limiting and mass-conscious imprints, ideas, beliefs, convictions, and fixations hindering progression toward self-actualization, manifestation, and self-realization. More than one session may be needed for desired and continued results. 
        • $80 for 1 hour 15 minutes session 
        • Consciousness Array - Assists in deciphering that which one truly desires to manifest.  Alleviates obstacles to attain clarity and comprehension of individual's desires, aspirations, and dreams. Resolves conflicting desires, ambitions, and dreams.
          • $75 for 1 hour 15 minutes session 
        • Remote Gemstone Array -  Send a photo image of a human or animal in need of energetic gemstone therapeutic support. Chosen gemstones are placed in specific configurations on and around the photo. Remote array is cleansed and maintained for 3 days. On day three, a photo of final array is sent via email.  
          • $50 for remote gemstone array


        • Environment Clearing  - Clearing of energies within a home, office, or space that affect the well-being, productivity, connection, and peace of the environment. Service includes an assessment of inside environment and clearing of any negative or stagnant energies present within space.  Consent from all individuals present in environment is required. One home or office space per session. Individual clearing may be required at times. Includes travel fee, palo santo, four protection gemstones for space, and instructions on how to maintain cleansed space. Does not include outside environment clearing. 
          • $150 for 1 hour 30 minutes inside environment session
          •  Includes travel in Fort Collins, CO. Outside Fort Collins contact HK for travel rates.
        • Gemstone Environment Grid -  Gemstone grids are specific geometric configurations of gemstones curated by Erin Doty to facilitate clearing negative, stagnant energy within the environment. Gemstones for specific  intentions desired for space, other than clearing, may be added. Includes instruction on how to maintain grid. Environment clearing service suggested, not required. 
          • Prices vary and depend on environment space size, number of rooms, type of gemstone and quantity needed per environment.
        • Individual Clearing - Individual clearing offers transmuting energies affecting the well-being, productivity, connection within, and highest potential of an individual in the present moment.  Service includes aura cleansing, personal jewelry and gemstone clearing, gemstone and wellness suggestions for additional support, palo santo, and a HK gemstone gift. One person per session.  Appointments held at HK studio. 
          • $65 for 1 hour session
          • Energy Clearing Package (Environment + Individual Clearing) 
            • Two appointments, each one hour. One appointment for environment cleansing at location. One individual appointment at cleansed environment. $200
            • Includes 15% off Gemstone Environment Grid products

                *Prices subject to change.

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                  Erin Doty is a certified TAOMCHI Master of Crystalogy.
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