1st Wednesday | Each Month | 5:45-6:45 p.m.

Explore the healing qualities of gemstones in unison with yoga, breath techniques, and meditation. Leave with tips on how to use gemstones therapeutically at home and in your yoga/meditation practice. HK Gemstone Yoga class $10 | Take home gemstone $3-5 (gemstones vary)

RhodoniteFEB. 7 ::RHODONITE:: First aid stone. Find solace, healing support for trauma, shock, & emotional unrest. Encourages unity in humanity. Gemstone resonance for self-love & forgiveness. Removes chakra blockages, & aids in achieving your highest potential. Excellent wound healer, reduces inflammation, & soothes insect bites.


HK ChrysopraseAPRIL 4 ::CHRYSOPRASE:: Bestows hope & being part of the divine whole. Offers personal insight & stimulates creativity. Calming, balancing, & compassionate gemstone resonance to promote acceptance. Stimulates fluent speech, trust, & security. Powerful detoxifier & supports sleep, heart, digestion, arthritic inflammation, eyes. Enhances absorption of vitamin C.

HK Ruby KyaniteMAY 2 ::RUBY & KYANITE:: Gemstone duo to ground spiritual vibrations & enhance meditation & compassion. Stimulates the heart chakra & protects one from draining energies. Bestows vigor, passion, motivation in life. Heightens positivity, courage, awareness, & concentration. Powerful crystal to strengthen the voice & heals the throat. Detoxifies the body, blood, & lymph. Supports the adrenals, kidneys, & spleen. Great for performers & speakers.