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Erin Doty HK - Photo by Geren Imaging


The heart and sparkle of HK began at Colorado State University, circa 2002. Erin’s joyful spirit could not be contained! She high kicked in college as an expression of exuberance; she high kicked for friends, for fun; to cheer and motivate herself; and to stay physically strong and toned. Erin also shared her enthusiasm in text as “HK!”

Over the years, Erin peppered her path with physical and written HKs. Then, the essence of HK began to take another meaning, another form. From 2010-2013, chronic illness restricted Erin’s mobility, and she literally could not HK. Over time, she re-learned to hk…to Hk…to HK…and to once again HK! Along her journey many layers were shed and continue to be peeled back, perceptions reframed. Erin receives every moment of life in its perfection. Meditating on the facet by Isha Judd: “Praise love for this moment in its perfection” allows Erin to embrace every moment with acceptance, which expands into more peace and abundance in her life.

“Where heaven and earth commune at the heart.” A HK HIGH KICK roots from the earth and ascends through the heart to the heavens. HK is the joyful manifestation of what Erin believes in to live an embodied life!

All gemstones and HK HIGH KICKS, LLC products are cleansed, dedicated, and infused with love and peace. HK products are handmade with the highest good intentions for all. HK does not diagnose or claim to heal. Healing is ultimately the individual’s responsibility. Consult a qualified holistic or medical professional regarding illness or before starting new wellness modalities. Products sold are holistic tools of support and are based on ancient healing wisdom, well-researched information, and accredited experience.

Gemstone product descriptions are sourced from all volumes of The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall; Love Is In The Earth by Melody; accredited, noted websites and books; and confirmed by Erin’s intuition, and years of meditation and experience with gemstones.

HK HIGH KICKS gives back and donates 3% of yearly profits to a charitable organization.

HK jewelry and gemstone photos are slightly edited for sharpness and brightness. No filters are used in the pictures of HK jewelry and gemstones for sale on the HK website and on social media.

Erin is passionate about sharing the ancient healing wisdom of wellness, yoga, and gemstones with others! Visit HK Yoga & Wellness studio at Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center - 1800 Kraft Dr., Suite 111, Blacksburg, VA 24060. 

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Ancient mathematical philosophers believed the circle symbolized the number one, oneness, and the womb from which all geometric patterns unfold. Circles represent wholeness and unity. “God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” ~Hermes Trismegistus

The distance between each circle in the logo is the divine ratio, also known as the divine proportion, golden mean, or golden section. The golden ratio is found when a line is divided into two parts so that: the entire length divided by the long part is also equal to the long part divided by the short part. The golden ratio, Greek symbol phi ϕ, is a special number approximately equal to 1.618, and appears in all forms of nature and science, geometry, animal bodies, DNA, art, architecture, etc.

Eight circle trios frame the HK logo. The sum of 8 + 3 = 11. Pythagoras, ancient Greek philosopher, was the first to decipher that numbers hold vibrational properties. Doreen Virtue, Angel Therapy Practitioner, states angels communicate with humans through the universal languages of music and numbers. 1, 11, 111, 1111 serves as posts to an energy gateway, and a divine reminder to keep thoughts positive and to relinquish fears. The total sum of the circles 8 X 3 = 24. 2 +4 = 6. The number six symbolizes balance, harmony, healing, and is the hexagonal structure of a quartz crystal.

The feather with a heart was hand drawn by Erin. The day her beloved Catahoula Leopard dog Braetta joined the celestial realm, 1.17.13, Erin began to find feathers and see hearts everywhere, in everything, everyday. They are celestial love notes from Brae. A call to stillness in the summer of 2013 allowed the vision of HK to begin to take shape and then evolve with rapid creative force the last three years. Each feather found captures the essence of love and freedom sent from above as it dances from the sky to the earth.

References: Michael Schneider, A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe; Doreen Virtue,;