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HK @VTCRC - 1800 Kraft Dr., Suite 111, Blacksburg, VA (540) 750-GEM1
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special order pendant
  • Handmade gifts uniquely designed for you or someone you wish to celebrate.

  • Specially designed orders based on specific gemstones, gemstone therapeutic properties, color, style, birthdate, & special occasions.

  • Individual or group special orders available. 
  • Discount on group orders over 2O items.

  • Physical Cleaning - Remove debris, tarnish, & check clasp security. $15/hour
  • Energetic Cleansing - Energetically cleanse & charge each gemstone, remove tarnish, & check clasp security. $25 an hour .
  • Jewelry Repurposing or Repair - $25-30 an hour, depending on materials used.
  • Contact HK HIGH KICKS to place a special order!