Travel Tips + Meditation

Travels abound!  Stay healthy and at peace with Travel Tips + Meditation!

Boost Immunity for Traveling

  • Center before traveling.  
    • Feet on the floor and hip width.
    • Place your hands on your belly and take 10 slow breaths.
    • Imagining a balloon within you slowly expanding and deflating. 
    • Say a mantra, prayer, invitation for safety and peace after you attune to the cadence of your breath. 
    • I am safe and at peace on this journey. Gratitude.
    • Repeat as needed while traveling and upon destination.
  • Gems fans and sensitive travelers!  
    • Pop a black tourmaline, fluorite, ocean jasper, and amazonite in your pockets to make plane travels less stressful on your body and energy.
  • Road trip!  Pack tiger's eye, fluorite, and smoky quartz in your car.  
  • Holding the vibrations of unity and peace for all, add bronzite to up grade stress. 
    • Bronzite is the gemstone to celebrate divine will and going with the flow of life. Soothing crystal resonance to overcome stress...and read more here. Partner with black tourmaline.
  • Contact Erin for gems and custom jewelry for safe travels or a peaceful staycation?  They are hot right now!


Presence with the breath is to meditate, attention in the moment, fueling your vital force.

  • Center (see above) and breathe in and out slowly, feeling the skin expand and soften.  Feel into breathing for 5 breaths. Shift from thinking to feeling the breath.
  • Now repeat, "I am breathing in; (as you inhale) I am breathing out (as you exhale)" for 10 breaths. 
  • Lastly repeat, "I am safe" for 10 breaths. 
  • Repeat as needed.

May the you walk the earth with prayers upon your toes.  Welcome the sun to fill your cells in the summer light with radiant vibrations of strong immunity and peace.

With peaceful presence & joy,