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Use HK Cleansing Set to cleanse gemstones before & after each use. Also cleanses environments, objects, and persons.

Set includes 2 Palo Santo sticks, Selenite (mini wand & polished gemstone), Beeswax candle (gem flame clearing, clear environmental allergies & mold). 

Palo Santo is the "holy wood" from Peru. Aromatic natural wood and incense valued & used for centuries by the Incas & other indigenous cultures to purify & cleanse. Alpha-terpineol in palo santo combats pathogens and has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. Purify the air and eliminate toxins in environments.  Brings good luck.

Selenite brings clarity to the mind & a halo of calming peace to any environment. Excellent for meditation. Connects with cleansing white light vibrations. Enhances flexibility & awareness. 

Extinguish palo santo & candle after each use. Place selenite on a window sill indoors to charge under full moon monthly. Bathe selenite with gratitude, prayers, & loving intentions. Keep selenite away from water, as it will dissolve.

HK Environment Clearing Services [In person & Remote]