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10" Frosted Singing Bowl B Note | 432Hz Perfect Pitch

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10" Frosted Singing Bowl B Note | 432Hz Perfect Pitch + FREE shipping

The 10"  size singing bowl is the most popular bowl!  It's perfect for beginners to start their crystal singing bowl collection. For experienced sound practitioners, this bowl is tuned to 432 Hz perfect pitch B. 

Crystal Vibes Frosted is a premium line of frosted bowls from Crystal Vibes. A revolutionary new manufacturing technique makes for a much smoother frosted bowl, resulting in a bowl with less playing noise - you hear more of the bowl!

Bowl comes with a free oring and a Suede striker.

Listen to the tones here.

Optional upgrades:

*Purchasing both sleeves and cases are recommended for safe transport of crystal bowl set.

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All Singing Bowl & Sound products are sourced from Silver Sky Imports.

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