Yoga for Pelvic Health: Head Pain

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Yoga for Pelvic Health: Head Pain

Yoga for Pelvic Health: Head Pain explores the connective tissue from the back of tongue to the pelvic floor and how tension along this energy highway can cause pain in your head and pelvis. Learn about spinal alignment and how to reduce neck and back pain with proven breath and somatic techniques. Experience pelvic floor awareness interoceptively and learn how to intelligently increase pelvic floor tone and relaxation. Receive inquiries to help you deepen your understanding of head pain, migraine, and spinal self-care. Each class concludes with guided meditation for deep relaxation. 

Get the 60-minute class on demand + lifetime access.


Your yoga teacher, Erin Doty is certified in Yoga for Pelvic Health.

 Pelvic Health Professionals

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